sarebbe bello se questa volta funzionasse.



In quanto uomo ti dico, non farti complessi, tanto ci sarà sempre qualcuno pronto a scoparti, perché è a questo che vuoi arrivare, giusto? Altrimenti avresti esposto ben altre peculiarità interessanti, sorvolando sulla fisicità e parlando ad esempio di doti legate al benessere sociale, sbaglio?…

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You are like... Damn! Keep going sweetie and never give in! Love ya xoxo

Awww thanks you’re so cute :) I’m a bit insicure and when someone tell me this things i’m very glad :3 I won’t give up! love ya xoxo <3

"The true mark of maturity is when somebody hurts you and you try to understand their situation instead of trying to hurt them back."

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Today i’m very unhappy.
I hate feeling so unlovable. I hate caring too much about people. It seems like nobody loves me. I know that i have to be less insicure but it’s not easy. I’m so busy with diet,school and my mind. Everyday i hope for a challenge. But i know that,if i don’t start to be positive the challenge won’t happen.
Exscuse me but i’m too angry and dissapointed today.